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Problems and Risks with Information Security in the modern world Research Paper

Problems and Risks with Information Security in the modern world - Research Paper Example This essay discusses that increasing and tougher market competition, globalisation, rapid developments in technology, higher demands from customers and other similar factors are some of the changes that companies are confronted with as they try to create their niche in the global market. In response, companies have redefined and re-shaped their strategies in order to equip them with the necessary tools and mechanisms that will enable the organisation to address the challenges brought by change. One of the most important challenges that organisations have to deal with is the rapid evolution and changes in information technology. Information is one of the primary assets organisations. It is being exchanged among organisations, employees, customers, management, partners and other stakeholders of the company. Meanwhile, developments in communication and computer technologies have paved for faster exchanges of information through the use cellular phones, internet, and other technological devices that allow people to be connected anytime, anywhere. In this regard, information technology has become an integral part and tool of organisations as firms respond to the challenges of the market and cope with the increasing demands of the customers. However, as information becomes more valuable to firms and organisational processes become more dependent on information systems (IS), IS security has become one of the major issues that modern enterprises have to tackle. (Belsis, Kokolakis & Kiountouzis 2005). Threats, identity theft, fraud, viruses, data integrity, data protection and other similar concerns have been part of the many issues that IS security have to deal with as the proliferation of the use of computers continue in the Information age. In this regard, this research will focus on the problems and risks in information security in general and in the banking sector in particular. Objectives of the Study The study intends to examine the nature of information security . It also seeks to determine the various problems and risks that information security is dealing with. Likewise, the study aims to identify some of the theories that are proposed in order to address the concerns and issues pertinent to information security. In addition, it aims to understand information security from the viewpoint of the banking sector. Finally, the study seeks to test information that will identify further concerns in information security in the banking sector. Research Questions In view of the integral role that information security in organisations, the research will be addressing two main questions and these are, first,

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Negotiation, Ethics and Effective Leadership Essay

Negotiation, Ethics and Effective Leadership - Essay Example The whole notion of negotiation is built on the ethical quicksand. One study found out that 28% of the negotiators lied about at least one issue during the negotiation procedure. Another study found out that 100% of the negotiators either failed to actively lie or reveal a problem during the negotiation process. Although bald faced lies during negotiations are wrong but concealments, omissions and evasions are very necessary for a negotiation process. Negotiations are often treated as an amoral game where ethical concerns are sidelined for substantive gains (Schneider & Honeyman, 2006, P. 178). Ethically ambiguous tactics are common in negotiation. These are tactics that have more than one connotation regarding what is right and appropriate. Again the use of deception is very common in negotiation. It is driven by variety of individual differences and situational factors. It is also driven by negotiators need to increase his power, availability of tactics that are marginally ethical, opportunities for opportunism, competitive orientation to negotiation and variety of situational factors that makes easier for negotiators to act without any detection. He has made a half hearted attempt to reach out to Iran which has been short lived and has actually reverted to Bush`s administration policy towards Iran. The deception is very clear in the negotiation between Iran and President Obama. Iran has been quite unreceptive to Obamas` peaceful approach although President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has always told that he is ready for talks with the US President Barrack Obama. Iran has always attempted towards making nuclear enrichment plants inside the mountain base of Iranian Revolutionary Guards near the religious centre of Qum in spite of receiving several warnings from the US President. Global Nuclear Disarmament treaties have often been violated by rough regimes like Iran. Although Iran claims that it complies with its responsibilities under the Nuclear Non Proliferation Tre aty, it has never resorted to peace. Obamas` administration policy contrasts largely from that of Bush in his dealing with Iran. He has made several attempts to engage Iran in negotiations on the nuclear issues rather than just focusing on increasing sanctions on Iran. This approach was not significantly altered in spite of the Iranian dispute in June 12 2009 over its election. However till date Iran has not agreed to implement it agreement of sending most of its enriched uranium to Russia and France for reprocessing. Negotiation skills help an individual in getting what they want from others. The negotiation skills help in achieving the goals of the leader. Military professionals use negotiation skills at the operational and strategic level. It helps them to maintain control over their jurisdiction. They can also use this skill to avert or successfully counter opposition and to negotiate among conflicting interests. It also helps the leaders to exude a sincere belief in the set of goals by engaging others to invest themselves in attaining these goals by forging a consensus on the desirability and vitality o the goals. Moreover Tehran`s support of the Lebanese terrorism in 1980 which involved airline hijacking also proved that Iran was not interested in creating a peaceful situation. In this incident

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Comparing the Concepts of Seeming and Being in Relation to Political Po

Comparing the Concepts of Seeming and Being in Relation to Political Power and Leadership in The Prince and The Republic 9. Machiavelli says the prince only has to seem good, not be good. Socrates insists that seeming is bad, being is good. Is it better to remain in the cave with Machiavelli, or see the light with Socrates? Write three pages for Machiavelli and against Socrates, write another three pages against Machiavelli and for Socrates. Both Niccolà ² Machiavelli and Plato, in their works The Prince and The Republic (respectively), address the concepts of seeming and being in relation to political power and leadership, however they do so in two distinct manners. In the Republic, Socrates insists that seeming is bad, and being is good. Using a parable of people in a cave, he states that the only way to know the difference between what seems and what actually is reality is to experience it in its purest form, instead of through images. Machiavelli, on the other hand outlines the different ways that a prince could rise to power, and justifies any and all means that a prince could take. He states that a prince only has to seem good when it fits his purposes, not actually be good. He encourages an aspiring prince to be deceitful and conniving in order to gain and maintain power. Before concluding which political theorist is correct, it is interesting to examine whether it would be better to remain in the cave wit h Machiavelli or see the light with Socrates. The citizens of Socrates’ Republic are divided into three classes. Those who are deemed fit to rule, the philosopher/rulers, are those who have been chosen to pass through several stages of training and preparation. They are the most fit to rule, because the... ...ity really is, and if they don’t have the wisdom to do this on their own, there are people who will guide them. It can only be concluded that seeming good, as Machiavelli advocates, is bad because it is essentially deceives the citizens. Additionally, when one seems, they are acting in the interest of only themselves. Being good, as Socrates promotes, is the better of the two, because when one is actually good, they will act in the interest of society as a whole, instead of merely their own selfish interests. It is a far better thing to emerge from the cave with Socrates, to see the light, to gain the knowledge, and the ability to share it with others. Works Cited Plato. The Republic. Trans. Richard W. Sterling and William C. Scott. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 1996. Machiavelli, Niccolo The Prince New York: Oxford University Press, 1952

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Discuss how Elizabethan audiences would have reacted to the first Act of Macbeth Essay

Shakespeare wrote Macbeth during an age in which the supernatural was a part of everyday life for the people of England. Prior to the wave of Christianity that swept through England, local chieftains and ordinary citizens had been firm believers in witchcraft, spells and fairies. King James had written books on the subject, giving the subject credibility in the eyes of his people. The idea of demons and witches tempting good people to do bad things was widely accepted, especially since the Bible itself made references to the devil. The introduction of the witches in the very first scene of Macbeth would have created a very intriguing effect and would have been accepted by the audience. Another fact that played an important role in the way Shakespeare’s audiences reacted to his plot was the social order and the hierarchy of the spectators who watched his plays. Only three classes existed which were the rich, the merchant middle class and the poor class. Shakespeare’s plays were performed at the Globe theatre which acted as a model for other theatres around the country. It is said that the balconies on top were the most expensive seats and these seats were occupied by the rich and noble people at the time. The next sets were the rows of seats on either side of the stage which the merchant and middle class would view the play from. The lowest category of people occupied the area immediately in front of the stage, an area which stretched far back into the theater where the view was obscured by walls and other obstacles. Crowds were often herded tightly to fit in as many as possible in the smallest amount of space. This was the method of seating at the time. We deduce that all three classes of society had gone to the theatre to watch the play for various different reasons. It is clear that each segment of the audience would have viewed Macbeth from different perspectives to the first Act of the play. The first scene of the first act would not have been a familiar theme to the educated and rich people in the balconies as they lived in a world of wealth, money and luxury far from witch craft, demons, hatred and evil. The dark and gloomy stage in this scene would have been very different from their well-lit, large and luxurious homes It is something they would not have been able to relate to except the fact that they knew that it was just a play which was based on supernatural elements that were common in that era. On the other hand, the middle and lower classes would have focused more on the dramatic structure and elements in the scene. For example, â€Å"In thunder, lightning or in rain?† (Act 1 Sc.1 Ln. 2) gives an audience a feeling of iniquity because in those days the belief was that bad weather was a sign from God showing unhappiness and anger. â€Å"When the hurly burly’s done when the battles lost and won† (Act 1 Sc. 1 Ln. 4), the unnatural rhyming conversation would have all conveyed to an exciting sense of horror. Another factor of the scene that should be taken into consideration is that not all of the conversation makes sense for example if you take â€Å"Fair is foul, and foul is fair †¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Act 1 Sc. 1 Ln. 12),The audience are also told that the witches will return, this eccentric way of speaking gets the audience thinking and brings a sense of eagerness to see what happens next. Moreover, this scene would also have reminded them of their own streets, with poor lighting, and the small dark homes they lived in. Similarly the three segments of the audience would have reacted differently to Lady Macbeth’s soliloquy. As she finishes reading the letter from her husband, various feelings of greed and temptation enter her mind. She also has feelings of doubt and uncertainty she felt that Macbeth lacked courage and would not commit such an atrocious act, â€Å"yet do I fear thy nature, It is too full o’th’milk of human kindness†¦.† (Act 1 Sc. 5 Ln. 15). She then calls upon evil to remove her femininity from her. The intensity of this speech must have given all three segments of the audience a sense of trepidation and for some an enormous sense of rage and disgust. â€Å"The raven himself is hoarse†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Act 1 Sc 5 Ln. 7),She uses raven which is recognized as an evil bird. â€Å"unsex me here†¦Ã¢â‚¬ (Act 1 Sc.5 Ln.9), She wanted all the characteristics a woman had to have in those days, removed from her. Women were expected to be meek and gentle, no matter what the husband did. So if any female protested, she was immediately branded a ‘bad’ woman in the mind’s of society. Some noble classes in the audience would be able to understand this as they too were probably experiencing similar situations in their lives. It was known that the audience lived in a patriarchy where woman had no power of their own. These women who were married to rich and superior men would often bully them for the married couple to rise in the hierarchy because that was the only way a woman could get a significant amount of power. Thus it would have appeared natural to the wealthier audience that this strong woman was able to force her husband to commit the ultimate crime, murder. It is likely that many in the audience would have also sympathized with Macbeth. It is also likely that some women in the audience were women who accepted the patriarchy system and did not question their husbands and were always willing to stay at the bottom of the hierarchy. These women would have found it difficult to imagine that such women existed. The other two segments of the audience would not have questioned the fact that Lady Macbeth could drive her husband to murder their king. These were people who never had any power and even the smallest possible notion of them being king would drive them into an immeasurable amount of temptation. The poor audiences, which would have certainly included men and women from the criminal classes, may have already committed heinous crimes before, would have had no problem with the idea of killing the king. Macbeth’s long speech, in which he battles with the enormity of the crime he is going to commit, would certainly have obtained different reactions from the audience. In his speech he has an enormous amount of uncertainty in him. His confidence is almost destroyed as he tries to fight his conscience. As I have said before, religion was a key factor in those days. They did believe that committing an act as immense as killing the king, was such a heinous crime, because to the audience it was going against God himself. â€Å"So clear in his great office, that his virtues will plead like angels, trumpet – tongued against the deep damnation of his taking off.†(Act 1 Sc. 7 Ln.20), In those days people were firm believers in the ‘divine right of kings’. It was a belief that said that only God could choose the king and nobody else. Macbeth never refers to the crime he is about to commit as murder. He alters the word by using various less dissonant synonyms like â€Å"assassination†, â€Å"surcease†, â€Å"bear the knife† and â€Å"taking off†. The educated audiences would have recognized the speech and reacted accordingly to the significance of the lines and Macbeth’s guilt overcoming him. In my opinion, it is very likely that the middle and lower classes would soon have got bored due to the length of this speech, which does not have much excitement and horror as the soliloquy of Lady Macbeth. No matter which category the audience belonged, the use of magic and supernatural features on stage would have been a thrilling source of entertainment! The witches, thunder and lightening and murder would have delighted Shakespeare’s audiences as much as today’s ideas of aliens existing and high-tech special effects thrill us! In conclusion, it can be said that the Shakespearean audience cannot be classified as of one type only. Social backgrounds, levels of education and religious elements all played a role in the way each spectator reacted to Macbeth and his actions.

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Summer Research Report - 804 Words

The first weeks of the summer fellowship in the VDS stream was a bit hectic. They consisted of learning protocols and techniques. Three plates of PNiC-BSa4 colonies were grown by my partner and me that week. These were later used by the majority of lab students who had reached the cloning stage. My first PCR with plasmid pgbr22 failed, but the second was successful. PCR with pmCherry had to be completed 3 times to get a successful result and PNIC-BSa4 PCR had to be completed twice to get a successful result. The three practice PCRs were completed the 5th week of lab. Protein expression using PfDXR was started in week 3 and the sample of protein was purified the following week. I received my target protein Rickettsia prowazskii FabG†¦show more content†¦The PCR2 sample from the previous week was purified through PCR clean up and nano-dropped. The concentration was 68ng/ul. The concentration of this sample was low (lt;100ng/ul) because I had skipped the first step in the cle anup process that prepares the column filter for maximum DNA binding. PCR2 and PCR clean up were completed again and the concentration of the sample was averaged to be 147.9ng/ul. Since the concentrations of the samples were adequate, I moved onto PNiC-BSa4 cloning and prepared a sample to be DNA sequenced. RE digest was completed on two PNIcBSa4 prep samples, with the gel indicating that both samples were successfully cut and nano-drop results indicating high purity levels with low concentrations (~32ng/uL). Results from sequencing were nucleotide blasted and confirmed to be PNiCBSa4. I talked to a mentor about my samples and was told that I probably needed a higher concentration ≠¥100ng/uL, for cloning to be successful. In order to increase the concentration 4 samples of 50uL each were cut and PCR clean up into one sample that had a concentration of 123.5ng/ul. The cloning protocol was completed that week and when the plated were checked, no colonies were present on either of the two plates. My first attempt at cloning failed. The process was completed again, and the sample concentration was averaged to be 112.1ng/ul. The second time, only oneShow MoreRelatedThe Year Round Schooling System Essay947 Words   |  4 Pagesstems from the original agrarian calendar as students were often called to tend to crops in the summer. This was thoughtfully and effectively designed for the time period it was created in; however, schools, research, and society have dramatically changed since then. The agrarian calendar no longer makes sense, as we consider overcrowding in schools and the significant research regarding the â€Å"summer brain drain.† There are several models of year-round schooling that would better serve all stakeholdersRead MoreLarry Bird1512 Words   |  7 Pageswill be in its 15th annual cycle during Summer 2002 and is designed to attract students to various fields of clinical research. Students also gain valuable experience assessing validity of current clinical practice standards in a discipline. Research methods and data analysis aSTUDENT RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM This program will be in its 15th annual cycle during Summer 2002 and is designed to attract students to various fields of clinical research. Students also gain valuable experienceRead MoreDeposit Mobilization in Banks1071 Words   |  5 Pages[pic] School of Management [pic] SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROJECT On Deposit Mobilization A Research Project Submitted to Add Value in the Degree of Masters of Business Administration (2009-2011) Faculty Guide Company Guide Name Name Prof.Aditya Verma Mr. Ramesh singh Read MoreRole Of Sustainability On The Production Of The Firm s Healthy Bars1294 Words   |  6 PagesExecutive summary 2.1 The Purpose The purpose of this report is to highlight the roles of sustainability in the production of the firm s healthy bars. This report is provided to the chief executive in order to suggest few solutions to critical issues including high electricity bills, large consumption of water in the production process; and advantages and disadvantages for each solution. 2.2 Methodology The methods used In this report was form finding informations by researching books andRead MoreCase Study : The Summer Student Program1017 Words   |  5 Pages What’s SSP All About? The Summer Student Program is designed for students who want to immerse themselves in genetics and genomics research. It emphasizes laboratory discovery, communication of knowledge, and professional growth. Students participate in an ongoing research program with the support of an experienced scientific mentor. They develop an independent project, implement their plan, analyze the data, and report the results. At the end of the summer, they present their findings to researchersRead MoreYear Round Schooling Is Better Than Traditional Schooling1599 Words   |  7 PagesYear round schooling is better than traditional schooling because, the summer retention is much higher, special education and english language learners benefit much more, end of the year test scores are higher and the year round school calendar fits our culture more now than it used to with the traditional school year. As an education major with a focus in special education, I was trying to figure out what to write and research for this paper. Starting to look at the the topics list at the bottomRead MoreClimate Change in New Zealand1682 Words   |  7 Pagesdue to the agricultural industry being unable to cope with the conditions. Citizen health will decline in the next hundred years with warmer summers bringing an increased risk of air-borne and water-borne diseases. 2 Table of Contents Abstract 1 1.Introduction. 3 2.Findings. 4 Main Research Question: How might climate change affect New Zealand? 2.1 What are the predicted environmental impacts of climate change within New ZealandRead MoreThe Importance Of Volunteering In The Community1074 Words   |  5 Pagesdifference. Giving up a few hours during the week to volunteer at a summer reading program at the community library can bring joy in some child’s life. Supporting and helping younger children learn in our community brings me pride. Volunteering is a way to give back to your community and gain work experience at the same time. On Thursdays from 6:00-8:00, my sister and I volunteer at â€Å"Norther Tier Library† supporting the summer reading program. The program involves children from birth to 18 yearsRead MoreImproving The Corporate Team And Dine Out Team898 Words   |  4 Pagesbulk of the research requests independently during the summer while still completing my other daily tasks and backup assigned tasks. Frequently I pull online donation reports from Convio that require manipulation and proper coding before they are imported into Rasier’s Edge. Utilizing critical independent thinking, I am able to determine the proper coding for the gifts and then successfully import them into Rasier’s Edge. Because of my diligence with coding, I am able to pull reports that successfullyRead MoreReasons For Delaying Summer Born Children1410 Words   |  6 Pagesage. Children born in the summer months can be up to nearly a year younger than their autumn born counterparts. At aged four, this potential year significantly compromises a fraction of the children’s lives and therefore means summer born children may be behind in terms of development hindering their academic ability in comparison to their older counterparts. Whilst there is ongoing research into the topic, presently there are many conflicting views on whether delaying summer born children’s entrance

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Disadvantages Of Fast Food - 1094 Words

Everywhere you look, on every major corner, what do you see? Fast food. Americans cannot escape fast food restaurants; the smell, the neon signs, the convenience, it haunts over everyone. In â€Å"Fast Food Nation† Eric Schlosser states, â€Å"Fast food is not so commonplace that it has acquired an air of inevitability, as though it were somehow unavoidable, a fact of modern life† (7). The appeal of fast food is evident, busy week night dinners, short lunch breaks, the list is endless; but the disadvantages go far past just that of health. Have you ever thought about the person taking or order or cleaning the tables? In today’s society, youth and underprivileged people are often preyed upon more than others; fast food agencies take advantage of†¦show more content†¦This food in unhealthy and can lead to issues later in life. The business of fast food preys on young people, it uses their cheap labor all while feeding them unhealthy food (Schlosser 139). A lso, a huge drawback to a teenager working in general, is that they become unfocused on their studies and lose focus on their future. In the article â€Å"The Effect of Teenage Employment on Delinquency and Problem Behaviors,† by Raymond Paternoster et al. it states, â€Å"In other words, youths who eventually work intensively may initially be less successful in school, less committed to and interested in academic pursuits, self-select themselves into less demanding academic tracks in high school and more involved in delinquent or age- inappropriate conduct.† Losing focus on their future and not making wise career choices far outweighs the benefit of gaining some independence for a teenager. Young people must remain focused on their studies in order to become a better adult and gain a better career. A person will do anything for their family, they will work for close to nothing and in the harshest conditions if it means putting food on the table; this is something that corporate fast food knows and thrives on. Schlosser argues, â€Å"The fast food industry now employs some of the most disadvantaged members of American Society† (71). The fast food industry as a whole has the highestShow MoreRelatedDisadvantages of Fast Food1038 Words   |  5 Pages English 28 9:35-11:00 Dr. Gill Disadvantages of Fast Foods Time is money. This is the new buzzword in today’s world. People are now spending more time by running after money then spending time on their daily activities. No wonder fast food is on the rise. May people do not realize that fast food is a slow death. It has many disadvantages, as it is unhealthy, expensive and causes many diseases. Even though, fast food is the fastest way to feed our hunger,Read MoreDisadvantages Of Fast Food1566 Words   |  7 PagesFast food is taking over many people’s lives living around the world. Many people all over the United States are overweight or obese due to eating so much fast food. Fast food affects peoples physical weight, emotional and mental health and media influence. There are no advantages to eating fast food, especially at a young age. Fast food is a scary road to turn down as a young kid growing up into an adult. Fast food is pretty much its own simple definition when you think about it, it is literallyRead MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Fast Food1327 Words   |  6 Pages The prevalence of fast food is growing at a rapid pace in more and more countries around the world. The advantages of fast food such as cost, taste, convenience, and fast service makes eating fast food a convenient and cheap source of food for busy individuals. While fast food has its advantages it also has its disadvantages such as high in fat/calories, weight gain, and serious health risks. In this paper, I will discuss the disadvantages of fast food and why they outweigh the advantages whileRead MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Fast Food1105 Words   |  5 Pages The Disadvantage of Fast Food  Ã‚   Modern life becomes more and more comfortable, but people are busier and busier with their life. Therefore, people do not have time to cook at home. Some people favor to eat fast food or at restaurants; however, not that many people favor to eat at home. Eating at home or eating at fast food restaurants has advantage and disadvantage, so which one is better?   Eating at a restaurant is similar to eating at home in many ways. Although eating out or cooking at home,Read MoreAdvantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food2221 Words   |  9 PagesAdvantages and Disadvantages of Fast Foods Food that we eat today has changed more in the past 30 years, than in the past 3,000 years. What is even more astonishing is that these changes have occurred without the public even knowing it or having the chance to debate it. How has this happened? We are now a culture that is very distant from where our food comes from. We are alienated from our food industry. We don’t see how the food is made or what chemicals, food coloring or fillers are added toRead MoreFast Foods And Fast Food904 Words   |  4 PagesFast food, by name itself is the food that consumes comparatively less amount of time to be prepared than the food that we order from the restaurants. They are preheated and precooked which is served to customer in a packaged form or take away. Fast foods are the most common food these days and these restaurants are growing rapidly worldwide. People of all ages love fast food and it is more popular among young people. The important reasons for this business to grow are the busy schedule people haveRead MoreAdvantage Of Fast Food993 Words   |  4 Pages When we think about an advantaged to fast food one of the main reasons that comes to mind is convenience. According to a study done by The National Center for Diseas e and Health Control, it is convenience that has caused a spike in fast food consumption (Hoffman, 2012). Ohio, for example, has one of the most fast food locations per resident in any state. Ohio has more McDonald’s restaurants, 7.1 per 100,000 residents, than any other state and almost twice as many Burger King’s 3.7 locations perRead MoreIs Fast Food Good Or Bad?1100 Words   |  5 PagesAdvantages Disadvantages of Fast Food More than 14, 350 McDonald’s restaurants in the United States alone, and over 18, 875 KFC’s worldwide, only goes to reflect the popularity of fast food all over the world. Fast food can be defined as food that is easily and quickly prepared and is sold in restaurants and snack bars as a quick meal or to be taken out. Such food fits perfectly into the fast-paced life of a modern, working individual. Although nothing appeals more to a hard-working professionalRead MoreAnalyzing Whether Or Not Fast Food Industries1414 Words   |  6 PagesAnalysing whether or not fast food industries are the cause of Australia’s rise in obesity levels â€Æ' Table of Contents List of figures 1 Executive summary 2 Introduction 2 Social issues 2 Ethical issues 3 Environmental issues 3 Economic issues 3 Benefits (for) 4 Disadvantages (against) 4 Recommendations/Conclusion 5 Bibliography 6 List of figures FIGURE 1: WEEKLY SPENDING ON TAKEAWAY MEALS FIGURE 2: WITH OR WITHOUT FRIES FIGURE 3: PERCENTAGES OF FOOD BUDGETS FIGURE 4: FAST FOOD VS RESTAURANTS â€Æ' EXECUTIVERead MoreModern Generation and Fast Food971 Words   |  4 PagesGeneration and Fast Food? Fast food  is the term given to food that can be prepared and served very quickly, first popularized in the 1950s in the United States. While any meal with low preparation time can be considered to be fast food, typically the term refers to food sold in arestaurant  or store with preheated or precooked ingredients, and served to the customer in a packaged form for  take-out/take-away. Fast food restaurants are traditionally separated by their ability to serve food via a drive-through

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Asthma - 748 Words

As far as asthma goes, triggers for asthma are: allergies, family history (because there is a genetic influence) dust mites, pet dander, dust, cockroaches, pollen, mold, anything like that, pollutions and factory immetions can trigger some allergies. And often your patient will give you a history of GERD and exema (especially when they were a kid). In asthma we have reversible narrowing of the bronchioles. When they narrow they swell, so it gets hyper responsive, the airway tends to remodel, and they tend to look differently when you look at them. This is due to all the chemical mediators at are released. And because these mediators are released it is how we look at the meds. Chromin is for you mask cell. Singular is your†¦show more content†¦Yellow, they should take a short acting rescue inhaler. If they are in the red zone they need to go to the ER and call their physician immediately. They need to get help. It is also good to keep a diary to keep track of what triggers these episodes of asthma attacks. There is a component of stress involved as well with asthma. So is you get upset you tend to breathe, faster, you get excited and their vessels constrict. Some complications that can occur with asthma. The meds are the same: albuterol, atrovent, advair, they tend to get the same type of meds. Steroids with a severe attack, same thing. And if they are a bad asthmatic, or bad enough COPD person they get chronic steroids meaning PO. They are basically always on steroid inhalers either combo or individual. The most severe thing they can get is status asthmatics. This is a severe, persistent asthma attack that you can’t break. They give them back to back meds, they give them steroids and they are wheezing, and they are wheezing, and they are wheezing. The pulse ox is dropping, they are getting more and more SOB, and they are getting more and more fatigued, you can’t break the treatments. You might give epinephrine SQ, but one of the things you need to watch for (as the nurse) is those breath sounds. If you listen to an asthmatic, and you don’t hear good air exchange, you want to hear wheezes, do don’t want to hear a quite chest. If their breath sounds change to quite you want to callShow MoreRelatedAsthma940 Words   |  4 PagesAsthma Describe the Disease: ​ Asthma is a chronic disease of the lungs that affects the airways and causes them to become very swollen and sensitive to the air that you breathe. With this disease you can get what is called an asthma attack, this is where your airways become narrower, making it difficult to breathe. You may notice that someone is having an asthma attack if the person begins wheezing, getting a tight chest/ chest pains, breathing problems, and coughing.  There are different typesRead MoreAsthma And Its Effects On Asthma1066 Words   |  5 Pageswho has been diagnosed with asthma. She has been having trouble controlling her asthma. Here is information on how she can understand asthma and control it and also help prevent asthma flare ups. Asthma is a chronic long term lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways. Asthma causes periods of wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath and coughing. Coughing usually occurs at night or early morning, can occur during the day if allergies flares your asthma. The airways are tubes that carryRead MoreAsthma Stepwise Management Of Asthma1272 Words   |  6 PagesAsthma Stepwise Management Asthma is a life-threatening inflammatory ailment of the upper airways that distresses approximately eight to ten percent of the populace, about seven million of the populace distressed with asthma are essentially the children (Arcangelo Peterson, 2013). Arcangelo and Peterson demarcate asthma as a chronic inflammatory ailment of the airways branded by airways blockage, inflammation, and hyper-responsiveness. The American Academy of Allergy and Immunology {AAAAI},Read MoreEffects Of Asthma On Children s Asthma954 Words   |  4 Pagesto other children in physical appearance, academics, athletics, and social interactions (Ball et al., 2015, p.208). The effects of asthma can play a direct role on how the child develops in these areas. Factors that affect asthma are being exposed to triggers and the medication management. The child is dependent on parents’ for initial management education of asthma treatment (Silva-Mendez Barros, 2013, p.1002). The parents’ beliefs a bout the adherence of medications have shown to have an influenceRead MoreAsthma2233 Words   |  9 Pages1. Discuss the pathophysiology of asthma. The pathophysiology of Asthma includes inflammation of the airway. The way in which this works is from an irritant which can include dust, pollen, cedar, or cat hair. When a reaction occurs, the airways become inflamed and narrow. The narrowing occurs because once the inflammatory response is triggered by an irritant, histamines, immunoglobulin E antibodies, and leukotrienes are released. Because of this, mucous production occurs. Since the bronchioles areRead MoreEssay on Asthma1127 Words   |  5 Pages Asthma is a disorder of the respiratory system in which the passages that enable air to pass into and out of the lungs periodically narrow, causing coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. This narrowing is typically temporary and reversible, but in severe attacks, asthma may result in death. Asthma most commonly refers to bronchial asthma, an inflammation of the airways, but the term is also used to refer to cardiac asthma, which develops when fluid builds up in the lungs as a complicationRead More Asthma Essay697 Words   |  3 Pages Asthma is a condition of the bronchial tubes characterized by episodes of constriction and increased mucous production. A person with asthma has bronchial tubes that are super sensitive to various stimuli, or triggers, that can produce asthma symptom.In other words, asthmatics have special sensitivity that causes their lung tissue to react far more than is should to various stimulating factors or triggers. For this reason, people with asthma are said to have quot;twitchy airways.quot;Some symptomsRead MoreAsthma Essay1218 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Asthma is considered as one of the most common chronic and complex respiratory conditions which involve both environmental and genetic factors (1,2). It is such a condition of the airways presents as constriction of the bronchi and bronchioles in response to irritants. The vascular resistance of the pulmonary system will increase as constriction leads to a smaller vascular diameter (3,4). The prevalence of the disease is predicted to rise making it one of the major life-threateningRead MorePathophysiology Of Chronic Asthma And Acute Asthma918 Words   |  4 Pagesdiseases of the respiratory system include; pneumonia, croup, asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis, and tuberculosis, affected disease location determines the signs and symptoms. Hereditary and environmental factors such as allergens and other irritants can be a contributory factor, especially in children. However, respiratory compromise occur as a result of incomplete airway development among this vulnerable population predispo sing them to chronic asthma (Huether McCance, 2012). The purpose of this paper isRead MoreAsthma . Asthma Is A Disorder Of The Bronchial Mucosa Which1156 Words   |  5 PagesAsthma Asthma is a disorder of the bronchial mucosa which causes bronchial hyperresponsiveness. Patients who suffer from asthma have a hyperresponsiveness of the airways which causes narrowing to stimuli that illicit no bronchoconstriction in patients without asthma or airway disease (McCance, 2014). Expert Panel 3 of the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program defines asthmas as â€Å"a common chronic disorder of the airways that is complex and characterized by variable and recurring symptoms